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In brief

Good writing makes business sense. It’s shorter. It’s quicker. It’s unambiguous. And it can be learned, provided we first unlearn the bad habits acquired from old-fashioned bosses or ill-trained bloggers.

Sydney-based writing coach Stephanie Oley offers several tried and tested frameworks designed to lift your writing techniques. Workshops range from in-house to public and motivational.

Drawing on her background in magazine journalism, radio and copywriting, Stephanie’s original courses include marketing, business, media and presentation writing, complete with original workbook.

Any course can be customised. All come with rigorous upfront client consultation and post-workshop feedback.

Did we mention?

When not consulting, Stephanie is creative partner at The Offices, where you’ll find her latest copywriting across a range of media. Offline, Stephanie stays busy exploring her passion for design, culture and community, and rambling about Sydney with her young family. She has several fiction manuscripts in progress.


Scribbles from Stephanie's notepad 


Stephanie offers a mix of in-house and public writing workshops, all replete with her original textbooks. Talk to her about customised writing, speaking and editing gigs too.


1. In-house workshops

Got six or so people in need of training? Or a very specific brand voice, project or goal to develop? Ask about the bespoke workshops, where Stephanie’s core presentations are adapted to carry examples from your organisation or industry.

Email moc.yeloeinahpetsnull@olleh to request a brochure on copywriting for marketers, writing for business, writing for the media and delivering a presentation. Rates are shown for full-day, half-day and hourly training.

2. Public workshops

Since 2006, Stephanie has presented several full-day writing workshops at The University of Sydney’s Centre for Continuing Education. Click on the links below for course descriptions, rates and upcoming dates.

Persuasive Marketing Materials

Effective Business Reports

Write and Promote a Media Release

3. Speaking

Whether you need a presentation for humour, hype or help, Stephanie’s extensive public speaking experience places her comfortably in front of any audience. Perhaps you want your people to get excited about writing better, or need a workshop on effective emails or better online bios? Just ask about the possibilities.

4. Writing

Long and short, content and catch-lines, websites and wobblers: Stephanie’s writing folio spans various formats and styles. See a selection of work here. Visit The Offices to browse her latest work, or download her portfolio below.


Stephanie Oley






Web copy for Fairfax Media AdCentre


Fairfax Media approached me to write the web copy for their all-new AdCentre website. Conceived by the company’s in-house team of user experience brainiacs, the site is a content-rich journey through Fairfax’s phenomenal product range, advertising solutions and audience reach. The audience profiles were scrumptiously good fun to write. Which one do you fit?

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Web copy, brochure and video script for Viva by Crown


Sydney experiential branding agency Play Comms asked me to write the web copy, brochure and video script for Viva by Crown, a slick new development that’s selling fast in Ryde. It’s a far-reaching brand experience that extends right across to the corporate site, mini website, videos and more, using my copy – and supported of […]

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iPad marketing presenter for Espresso di Manfredi


Tickled to have written the copy for this very evocative iPad marketing presenter for Espresso di Manfredi, part of a suite of visual overhauls being done for the company by Frost*. I love this quote by company cofounder, Julie Manfredi-Hughes, featured in the presenter: “The pleasures of the table – good food, good company and good […]

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What red cordial really does to your kids


Concerned about recent news reports that confirm the link between food colouring and hyperactivity in children? You should be – but there’s lots you can do about it, writes Stephanie Oley.   It’s a parenting in-joke – that when kids run amok at parties, they’ve had too much raspberry-flavoured cordial.   Links between artificial additives […]

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Keeping your kids healthy in the sun


When it comes to summertime health for children, sensible nutrition and hydration goes hand in hand with UV protection. Stephanie Oley investigates.   The health warnings about overexposure to sun are everywhere. But still, it seems, Australians can’t get enough of that delicious sun.   In the latest National Sun Protection Survey, released in 2008, […]

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